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How to Choose Brass Hardware for a Traditional Kitchen

One of my favorite elements of a well designed kitchen is the cabinet hardware. Well-selected hardware can elevate the design and is one of the easiest ways to upgrade any kitchen. The hardware may seem like a small or unimportant detail but it can completely change the look and style of an entire space. There are so many options out there for hardware between style, finish, and size so I put this simple guide together for things to consider when choosing hardware for your traditional kitchen.

Hardware for Traditional Kitchens

Traditional style can mean many things, especially to different cultures and areas. When I refer to traditional design, I am pretty much only referring to the classic English style of design because that's what's prevalent here in New England and my personal favorite.

Traditional kitchen hardware

Brass Hardware finish for a traditional kitchen

For this style of kitchen, I usually like to stick with living finishes that will patina over time. My favorite finish to use is unlacquered brass. This is a classic and timeless material that has been used for so many years. I love materials that look and feel like they could have been original to the home (in an old or historic home especially). I totally get that an unlacquered brass may not be everyones favorite because of the patina, and it can bother people that prefer a clean finish. For those people, I would suggest a brass that does have a lacquered finish so that it won't patina and will stay looking newer longer.

Unlacquered kitchen hardware

How to clean unlacquered brass hardware

Okay, so here's the deal with unlacquered brass and the differences between other brass finishes. A lacquer is just a clear coat that can be applied to a metal like brass which keeps it protected from the elements and general wear. So, unlacquered brass is just simply without the clear coat.

If you do opt for the unlacquered brass hardware (yay!) there is a way to clean it so that (somewhat) removes the patina. You can use a brass polish like Brasso or you can use a homemade mixture of some household items (that I won't recommend because I haven't actually used myself ) but I'm sure that there are many recipes online for a natural brass cleaner.

Classic and timeless hardware style for a traditional kitchen

There are SO many hardware styles out there but only a few (in my professional opinion) that are totally classic and timeless.

Cup/Bin Pulls

These are my favorite! Bin pulls are a classic English style of hardware that adds so much character to a home.

traditional kitchen hardware
Cabinet Door Latches

Cabinet latches have recently become popular on the Instagram feed but they have been used for SO many years and are such a classic piece of hardware especially in traditional design. These are best used on cabinets that maybe aren't your most used just because they take a bit more effort to open than knobs or pulls.

Photo: @studiomcgee
Ball knobs

Ball knobs are simple in design and aesthetic and compliment almost all other hardware selections. These are my favorite style of knob for drawers in particular. You can use one knob on smaller drawers (pictured above) and use two for drawers of a larger size.

brass cabinet hardware
Photo: @studiomcgee

Brass hardware for kitchens may be viewed as a trend, but when we look back in time we often see that a living brass finish was the popular choice for hardware. We can keep these traditional vibes alive by incorporating these materials into newer homes. In return you will be adding lots of charm and character and the classic New English Style in your home.

- Kati


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