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Our Signature Design Style

Here are the key design elements that make up our collected + timeless signature style.

Most designers are known for their signature style, you can typically look at an image of a finished space and know which designer created it. Some design with more contemporary influence, and others more rustic.

At Mountain Ave Interiors, we curated our own design style: New English Style

The New English style is heavily influenced by English style design and mixed with earth tone color palettes, new + vintage pieces, and some modern elements to deliver a curated, collected, and timeless design. These elements combined are what makes our style the perfect compliment to New England homes.


Wall Paneling

You may be thinking that wall paneling is a thing of the past, and you'd be partially right. Wall paneling was a huge hit back in the 70's, and guess what? It's back - but different. The wall paneling I'm referring to adds detail, dimension and a custom feel to any space.

Photo: Bloomsbury Designs

Built-In Millwork

Built-in cabinetry and custom millwork features give a space a certain, elevated feel. In the New English style - custom is key. Outfitting a space with built-ins that perfectly fit the space in a unique way is what makes a space feel established.


Living Finishes

It's no secret that many people shy away from natural finishes in their home because of the wear and patina that's typical with living finishes. However, natural finishes help a space feel curated and established - especially when they wear. The patina of daily life is what tells the story of the home and the people that live there. In almost every scenario we like to specify natural finishes to achieve a more authentically designed space.

Photo: Remodelista

The mix of new + vintage

This is one of the most important elements in our New English style. We search high + low for vintage pieces we love that fit perfectly for a particular space. Mixing new with vintage brings character to a design as well as history. One of my favorite things is when an old family heirloom fits perfectly in a space and happens to be beautiful (because sometimes they just aren't!) These elements help to tell the story of the space and tend to add sentiment for the people who enjoy it.


Earth tone color palette

Our signature color palette can be described in two words: earth tones. This is a large part as to why New English style is classic + timeless. Earth tones are the palettes that never go out of style. If we do ever want to add bright color to a space (and this is rare!) it would be with accessories or florals. An earthy color palette doesn't mean that there is no color, the colors are just more muted and calming than some other traditional design styles. This color palette is perfectly suited to be combined with natural + living finishes.

Photo: Boxwood Avenue

These are just some of the key elements that make up our signature style. Although we have a signature look, we are still able to deliver custom designs for each of our clients.

- Kati


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