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How to Choose Lighting for your Kitchen

Choosing the right light sources for your kitchen is one of the most important parts of any kitchen remodel. Having the right lighting in your space adds style, functionality and elevates your overall design. Here are some important things to consider when choosing lighting for your space:

Types of Lighting

To know how to choose lighting, first you should understand the different types of light sources and what they are used for. The different categories of lighting for a typical kitchen are: general lighting, task lighting, and decorative lighting. A well designed space will utilize light sources from each of these categories.

General Lighting

The most popular form of general lighting would be recessed/ can lighting or some other form of overhead light. This type of light source is responsible for most of the artificial light the space will receive. Most of the time, general lighting illuminates the space while taking a back seat to the other lighting in the space.

Task Lighting

Task lighting provides additional light when performing tasks in the kitchen. Think of sconces, swing arm lights, pendants, and some flush mounts. These can be great over an island, prep area or sink and provide some downlight to a work area.

Decorative Lighting

Sometimes there are light fixtures that don't provide enough light for general or task lighting but they do add plenty of style and some ambient lighting. These would be your decorative light fixtures. Task light fixtures can also be decorative and most commonly are used for their light output and aesthetic.

Some things to consider when choosing your light fixtures:

Natural Light

How much natural light does your space receive? Will you have to add more general lighting to supplement the amount of natural light the space gets?


Consider the layout for your kitchen. Does your layout allow space for task lights? Will you have to make changes to the layout to be able to accommodate additional fixtures?

Ambient Lighting

When choosing fixtures, don't forget how you want your space to look and feel at night as well as during day time. Consider putting all of your light sources on dimmers to be able to adjust the light however you want.

Mix Metals

Most light fixtures are made of metal and glass. Consider mixing metals in your kitchen. Your lighting doesn't have to match your hardware or plumbing fixtures and they don't have to match other light fixtures, but consider choosing complimentary metal finishes.


Don't be afraid to go big if the space allows it. You may not realize it, but hanging larger fixtures in a space will actually make the space feel bigger. Make sure the fixtures you are choosing are not too small, this will dwarf the space and downgrade your design.

Lighting is not only important for the function of a space, but also for the overall aesthetic and design. Taking these tips into consideration for your kitchen remodel will help you achieve a custom, high-end look.

- Kati


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